Jesus was a Protester

Jesus was born in an empty building

Imagine they wouldn’t let Mary in

Imagine Herod had got him.

A child exile in Egypt

If he’d claimed, would we accept it?

Imagine they’d told Jesus, get a job!

Stop being a vagabond

Running round with your stories

Sleeping in other people’s houses

Causing his mother distress,

Homeless in the wilderness,

Eating what he found,

The testament is underground

Hanging out with prositutes,

Unable to afford boots.

Jesus assembled a gang

Disciples is the slang

They would eat together,

Make people feel better

Helped them find more fish,

Multiply any dish,

He wasn’t always popular,

He’d help a stranger,

I think Jesus was a protester.

He didn’t care for money, wealth

Cared about how people felt

He turned the tables in the temple

He liked to keep it simple

The people told Jesus the pouper

Back to Nazareth, be a carpenter

Like your father

Forget your visons,

Forget your dreams

Seen as a threat to those in power

Jesus had a very public murder

And look at him now eh?

Hasn’t he done well?

More followers than anyone else,

A venue in every village

Umpteen employees

And an awful lot of land

You can’t attack the son of man

Jesus preached to love thy neighbour,

He must have been a protester

By Catherine Brogan


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