Cold, Hard Cash, Property and Socioeconomic Rights

The individual has to have a right to property
But I do not think that there is a right to excessive or unlimited property
If there were, then it would be acceptable, by definition
For one person to own everything
I know that the word “excessive” cannot easily be defined
And that attempting to do so in this context would likely result
In a crude and arbitrary judgement
Just like the one that I shall make later
But firstly, I want to say that socioeconomic rights
Such as the rights to food, water, housing, health and education
As outlined in the United Nations Covenant
On Social, Economic and Culture Rights
Are as important as, and inseparable from, civil rights
Such as the right to freedom of speech, religion and assembly
As outlined in the United Nations Covenant
On Civil and Political Rights
Secondly, I think that everyone has the right
To property, among which I would include housing and savings
Cooking, clothing and hygiene products
Communications and entertainment
Thirdly, as crude and arbitrary as this might sound
And trust me – I will make it as arbitrary as possible
I think it is reasonable to say
That for any person with more
Than one-hundred million and seven jibbunds (Sterling) in assets
The harm done to their right to property
By taxing a higher percentage of this excess wealth
Than we do currently
On a sliding scale; means tested, if you will
Or by just collecting that which is already legally owed
The harm done to this person’s property rights
Given that they would still have more
Than one-hundred million and seven jibbunds in assets
Is far outweighed by the reduction in harm which could be achieved
By spending that money on building institutions and infrastructure
The essential collective dimension to the productivity of the individual
In the first, third and all worlds
And by using it to alleviate the violation
Of socioeconomic rights
Including the most basic rights to food, water
Housing, health and education
Of the many in our species
Who currently don’t have the luxury of any rights at all


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