Is the change
They are trying to arrange today
In the economy.
No employment rights
Or enjoyment, right?
Just waves of disappointment
Flooding the economy.
Avoiding contagion
And a surge of Romanians
Is how they justify their lunacy.
You can impoverish the whole nation
With austerity and inflation
All in the name of the economy!

Tighten purses
By sacking nurses
And even fire the fire services
To save the economy.
Drop wages
Raise pension ages
But we can retain one fire station
If Zimmer sponsors the economy.
So, I’d keep a hose
Next to your clothes
Once your local fire truck driver turns eighty-three.
You can burn alive for no reason
Call it efficiency, call it treason
It’s all the same to the economy!

It’s irrelevant
That cuts to benefits
Will cost us more, they won’t admit
That it’s a false economy.
But screw the long-term
That’s the wrong term
We only think in five-year terms
When we consider the economy.
Cause you can make-
up for what you take
With a last minute tax break in the swing cities.
Is this what our soldiers die for?
Accounting fraud worse than Libor
All in the name of the economy!

With thanks to Irving Berlin and Tom Lehrer


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