Renegade Criminologist

Rehabilitation and its discontents
This penal largesse simply makes no sense in any context
A flawless denial of the mainstream consciousness
On top of this, I am unable to resist the chance to dispel a common myth
Imprisoning drug offenders probably makes us less safe
Wasting money while destroying the lives of those that we incarcerate
Dismantling family ties under the guise of populist cries
Cast aside the bona fide, a nationwide great divide
Sensationalise what nine-to-five
Might be perceived to justify

Tell me, which is the bigger threat to human society
Council inefficiencies, or legalised slavery?
So-called problem families, or globalised usury?
A 22% reduction in the Greek minimum wage
Is just one part of this economic crusade
But let’s face it; there is no ode that will put your mind at ease
After paying £3.19 for a bag of these
Frozen, store-brand garden peas
Our purchasing power sourly diminishing almost hourly

Is it just me, or are some of these guys
Increasingly egregious and out of their minds?
Bringing mankind to a grinding halt, or worse
We need to reverse this dispersed and dissipated energy
Or we will always be bound by resource scarcity
Equally, these decrees apply overseas, naturally
Move your money
Remove subsidies from financial and fossil fuel oligopolies
The macroeconomic policies of Greece, Italy, the UK and other countries
Do not enjoy democratic legitimacy

Individual productivity has a large collective dimension
Right now, progress is in suspended animation
We find ourselves abreast with the chronically distressed
The best way to post short-term gains is not to invest
But it is short-term thinking that we need to address
The failure to offset household debt in times of stress benefits none
You still don’t regret as yet spending trillions on hired guns
But you’re soon to realise that you can’t inflate your way out of this one

This neo-apparatchik and their goddamn brinkmanship
Santorum said he wants to go to war with China
What a moron…


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