I’m Not Racist, But

Mohamed Farah - the blackest person that racists don't hate since Ian Wright

Mohamed Farah – the blackest person that racists don’t hate since Ian Wright

I’m not racist, but
I make assumptions about Asians
Among other races and diffuse populations

I’m not racist, but
I look at you differently
If you’re not the same colour, same religion, creed or race as me

I’m not racist, but
I don’t question anything I hear
And if I keep this up, I’ll be racist within a year

Because we all believe the stories
People aren’t born discriminatory
The only things we are inherently are hungry, thirsty and horny

We are told reasons every day
To hate one another
But they’re totally baseless, like our illusions of power

So we ought to try to listen
To some different opinions
One of which will probably need to be the statisticians

Because the people on the TV
May act like they know what they’re saying
But when they recently ascribed a certain act to some men
Simply because they were Asians
That claim was totally baseless

Have you looked at the crime statistics
To see, overall, what percentage of the perpetrators of this crime is Asian?
Have you then controlled for socioeconomic factors
And anything else which might skew the results
Such as the way that this crime is policed
And the dark figure of crime?
If not, then what the hell are you doing making generalisations?
And to all the people who, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever
Are willing to stand up on TV and claim that
“Oh, it must be something about Asian culture”
“What is it about Asian culture that makes them do this?”
To all of these people
Suffice it to say
That I don’t know what the DIDDLY you are talking about
Making generalisations based on one single event out of thousands
In spite of the fact that virtually the same thing happened in Derby a month later
But with seven white perpetrators, it was only reported in the local news
And, needless to say, no questions were asked about white culture

I’m not racist, but
I’m swept up in a system
I try to get past it, but discrimination is built in

I need to read about the fission
Happening in our communities
I think that they’re the enemies, but really they’re as screwed as me

Populist politicians
Won’t let us forget it
Won’t let us heal the epidemic
Rationing our intake like we’re diabetic

But I’ll always look at you differently
If you’re not the same race as me
Because I’ve been brought up in an isolated community

Image by Bearded Genius


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