Keeping All Options on the Table

As you know, Dr. Ahmadinejad
The pleas of the anti-war majority in the West, here
Have consistently fallen on deaf ears
“Why bring war when Iran is asking for peace?” we pry
But you’ve seen their replies in the Sun and the Sky
Not a very constructive dialogue, right?
I mean, you seem to have intelligence
A sense of humour and little desire for belligerence
But man, have you ever considered discontinuing your nuclear programme?

I know the temptation to resist must be unbearable
Whether or not their accusations are veritable
But even if you are just building power plants
What do you think is going to happen when they are bombed?
Part of your country will become inhospitable to the biological
Destroyed by the physical

This is only my own personal assessment
I recognise that other forms of energy might not offer as quick a return on your investment
But if your first priority is the safety of your citizenry
If it might help to prevent the shitstorm about to be unleashed on your country
Then all that I am saying is that it might be worth considering

You may have spent a lot on this
I don’t know what percentage of your GDP depends on nuclear research’s continued existence
But entertain with me the possibility that it’s just not worth it
If it is true that your nuclear programme is solely for peaceful purposes
And you shut it down because they coerce you with violence
That does not mean that they somehow “win”
It would be the victimisation of the vulnerable by the powerful
Does the bully win a game of stop-hitting-yourself?
But this is no normal bullying situation
Worries about being subjected to mass assassination
Like the minorities of any nation throughout history
The lives of your people are at the mercy of war criminals
As has been the case for so many peoples throughout my own life
And so you must exhaust every possibility to end this dispute peacefully
Even if you do believe that they will always be aggrieved of late
There is nothing to be won by taking a stand for its own sake

The rest may be threatening
To abandon their own principles of self-determination and liberty
And return to the type of violence that should be consigned to history
But in international relations you have to take into consideration
The violent implications of aggression and exaggeration
What do we have here, politics aside?
A conflict between what used to be allies
On whom we can no longer rely to prevent an even worse Iraq in our lifetimes
Worldwide, we should say with pride
That we have the power and authority to make them abide
By the same laws that they pertain to enforce
When negotiations become a farce, it has got to go to court

The mechanisms are not impregnable
They’re corruptible and confrontational
But if for some reason it can’t be taken to the International Court of Justice
If that court is perceived to lack legitimacy
Then this must be remedied immediately
Even if it takes a new court
A new Security Council composition
A truth and reconciliation commission
What choice do we have?
We all know what has happened in Afghanistan and Pakistan
The murder of civilians, displacement of millions
Avoiding violence is the whole point of the law and courts
You might retort that even judicial support won’t make them abort
Pointing to The Republic of Nicaragua v. The United States of America
And to comparable cases over the years
I know it could be argued that it doesn’t matter what you do
If they want to invade, they will invade
But, Mahmoud, for you to have led effectively
We must not be able to ask if you could have done more retrospectively
Irrespective of their subjective selectivity

From this day
For no Iranians to die at the hands of Washington, London or Tel-Aviv
At this point, isn’t that the biggest win you could possibly achieve?


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