I’m gonna write lines about… awesome dinosaurs!
Like stegosaurus, he’s whack
He had a dozen bony plates on either side of his back
You gotta check this guy out, a quadruped and herbivore
Can’t say for certain what the plates were for
Lived in America and Portugal

And you may wonder how that happened
When they didn’t have boats
But all the land was in one mass
So dinosaurs walked and didn’t have to float
There was a supercontinent called Pangaea
Until the tectonic plates
Moved and separated the land
Into the map that we know today


Triceratops is at the top of the most recognisable dead reptiles
Three horns and an armour plated skull
A ceratopsid protected
From other males and predators
Plus, his helmet was so big because
It attracted women, of course

Di-plod-o-cus or diplo-docus?
Their long-necks don’t care about your vocal focus
One of the smaller sauropods
Was still over 100 feet long
And they weighed at least a dozen tons
But they’re extinct now like the other ones
Their skeletons are fossilised
And their excretions petrified

Quetzalcoatlus was one of the biggest flying animals you’ll never meet
With a wingspan of more than 30 feet
But we can’t be sure what they liked to eat
Did they scavenge bloody corpses or skim for fish with their beaks?
Or were they like the modern stork
Hunting small vertebrates on land and in streams?

So many mysteries: what did they sound like?
What colour were they?
How did they rule for so long?
Why did they die out so quickly?
Was there a single cause of death?
If there were several, what was the chronology?
Sometimes I wish that I’d gone
Into palaeontology

Who wants to hear the geological periods?
I said who wants to hear the geological periods?!?
*A solitary person answers in the affirmative*

You’ve got Precambrian, Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian
Devonian, Carboniferous and then there was Permian
Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous
Those three together were the Mesozoic
Next, there was the ice age, an era known as the Cenozoic
Which started with Palaeocene and moved on to Eocene
Next there was Oligocene
Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene
And for 12,000 years we’ve been in the Holocene
That was four and half billion years of Earth’s history
Condensed into a single verse of palaeo-poetry


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