Growth Without Prosperity

We’ve had growth without prosperity
And now we have neither
Disappeared in the ether
Take a step back and find Mother Earth needs a breather
You think it’s easy to please her
But her beauty is intrinsically bound to deceive you
Into thinking she’s unlimited, clearly she’s exhibited
The signs that she can take no more of these derivatives
Unlimited subsidies will be beyond prohibited
When people realise all of the damage they cause
A series of flaws
A flaming ball of wreckage like the track at Le Mans

But the problem with the debate is not the intransigence
It’s that so many issues are at the same resonance
Irrespective of warming, oil’s not infinite
We can’t keep forever increasing our own use of it
Soon so expensive that it will only be available
To tax exiles in St Lucia and those in Monaco
And so, the conflation of climate change with other things we know
Ensures our response to these other issues is also slow

But that’s not what is best for me or you
I don’t want to wait until there’s shotgun duels over fossil fuels
Although some would say it’s already started
With ever-more dangerous tools
While a minority monopolise the writing of rules
And my heart goes out to all of those affected who are fatherless
Those in Fallujah, cancerous and powerless
The person in jail who made one mistake last year
The whistleblower executed in oil-rich Nigeria
The millions of families who have been foreclosed illegally
It’s all criminal in the way that it speaks to me

Believe me, when you come to pick your battles
Energy and food security alone will be a handful
But we also need political stability
To replace profit maximisation with relaxation and common decency
In the future, we will take back our liberties
You may doubt me, but it’s as simple as that
Everything we’ve lost, we will recover tit-for-tat
My delivery may be poor, but the words still have meaning
Read them back to yourself if you don’t think that you believe me
If global warming is only happening in our minds
Then how come in the Arctic you’ve found new places to mine?

Also published by Blinkered Justice


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