Interventions Part Two

I’m not saying that we should never intervene
But there’s a time and a place, of course
And there’s a method that has proven
Time and again not to work
Like the way we go in firing and expect not to cause needless death
Expect the people to help us
To see us as unlikely friends
What a preposterous hypothesis!
With human rights violations and tanks on the streets
Who’s ever going to believe that we care if they’re free?
Civilian deaths brushed aside by B-liar on the TV
And every Westerner they meet
Is only there with a gun to do a job
It’s no surprise that they think we’re there to rob them
And take away what’s left of their sovereignty
It makes no sense to me; we never make the situation better
We just go in, kill tens of thousands of young men
And their families, finally leaving a civil war
Sectarian violence on a scale rarely seen before
Corruption at least as bad as if we’d left them alone
And any infrastructure just gets shredded to the bone
Afghanistan’s been laden with a war economy
Cash flow depends on drugs, arms and private security
What an awful choice of unproductive industries!
Kabul barely rules five miles beyond the city gates
We’re leaving them as tribes
And a de facto couple of city states
Leaving them irate, no peace made between enemies
The problem is that the empires drew the lines over the Middle East
Put people together in an arbitrary manner
And we’re surprised when they fight over the resulting power vacuum
There will always be war, just so long as there’s poverty
Or, as I’m sure many would argue, for the rest of history
The military industry may have a lot of resolve
But the onus is on us to prove each time
That we’d prevent more damage than we’d cause
And for all those who say the army shouldn’t go in
There are those who say that doing nothing is out of the question
But, while I sympathise with both sides,
I just seem to find it hard to trust the US
And UK governments, and other so-called democracies in NATO
The biggest private security firm available on the market
To fire a single shot without hitting the wrong target
If we truly want to help to build civilisation
Then maybe we should restrict ourselves to reconciliation
And poverty alleviation
The revolutions of the young are being stolen by the old
Was Libya an austerity war? We sent the guns
But kept the soldiers at home
And now our new allies, too, have war criminals among them
They tortured Gaddaffi with a bayonet, hung his body up for show
Forget morality
It’s a crime against humanity to harm prisoners, you know?
It’s like we think that picking sides will somehow end the sorrow
But the reality on the ground couldn’t be further from it
Within twenty years, we’ll overthrow the next Libyan government
Of course, we’ve done this throughout history
Supporting assholes like Saddam before he was our enemy
Back in the 80’s, we armed him in a war against Iran
And then we were surprised when he killed well over half a million
Including many of his own Kurdish citizens
On its history, now, Blighty has another blight
Every billion spent on arms is a billion pound theft
War never determines who is right
Only who is left

Image by Helena Marie


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