Rhapsody for a Minimum Standard

I want to demonstrate that we are all relations
Our ancestors laid the foundations
Culminating in modern collaborations
Like the facilitation of hostility cessation
These declarations are a compilation of celebrations
It doesn’t take patience and emotion to rhyme for recreation
But it does when your vocation is to demonstrate the people’s strangulation
By corporatist economies and dominating campaign donations
Still, the government finds us a new enemy
Adapting their accusations subtly and accordingly
But I’m not swayed by the condescending desecration of another nation
The message on the TV stations is clear
And it’s our administrations taking us to war again that I fear

Our leaders palpitate behind the weight of condemnation
That’s why they sanction those who show appreciation for self-determination
Like the US did when Palestine was recognised by the UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
But we can’t stop narrating liberation until the last plantation
Pays inflation-busting wages, and is governed through cooperation
I look to explain the coronation of the corporation
£18.1 billion profit in 2011
Raise taxes on Shell for the Niger Delta’s reparations
Because I don’t confuse property rights with segregation
And we can’t abandon conservation when environments are saturated
A legacy of devastation in every place ever invaded
Every time the government borrows for war and their buddies get a tax break
The debt rises and we’re surprised, for Christ’s sake

Only education and engagement can emancipate our minds
Can prevent the escalation of a conflict next time
You might have reservations about systemic variations
But there must be conversations revalorising toleration
The realisation of our rights to recreation and private life
We can’t all wine and dine the tax collector
And some of this recent legislation
Is no flirtation by the state with the renunciation of its obligations
Any willing provider can willingly deprive a generation
Our leaders have moved away from moderation
Haphazardly ignoring liberties, like post-war CIA experimentation
Aggravating an already agitated congregation, I say with certainty
An indignant global population surrounds me
Each and every one of us is affected negatively
By the divide and rule philosophy permeating their dictations constantly
We are told to have no sympathy for another’s pension policy
The populace are being pitted against each other tribally
Unconsciously vying for a bigger slice unilaterally
While collectively failing to improve life permanently

And so, I wait for vindication
I wait for the elevation of mutual aid to help the Haitians
The collaboration of mankind to change the course of history
The true abolition of slavery
Make the right to food and water a sacrosanct priority
The instigation of reformation is why we are here
Spring is not the only time of year in which it must be recognised
That whistleblowers are not criminals
Though they may be named, shamed, tried and have their houses raided
And all the nonsense in the US that Europeans see as outdated
Paying for healthcare, medicating children, negating homeostasis
Politicised police forces and the marketing of college courses
Europe is being taken in a direction transatlantic frantically
But this is no pedantic tirade
In Dublin, it now costs €500 for a call out from the fire brigade
How could you see that just in terms of the money they’ll save?

Image by Helena Marie and Mia Warner




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