Vote of No Confidence (Party Politics in the UK)

I watch the party conferences
They give us their assurances
But we’re not their audience
They’re talking to the journalists
We’re all parties to politics
But not political parties
We have the same energy
But way different priorities
Apathy’s a false theory
The care’s there, I see it clearly
People spend their time and money
On good causes aplenty
So don’t tell me
My community’s opinionless or apathetic
If the parties ignore our concerns
Then we’re bound to doubt their relevance
We see them as incapable
Corrupt and inescapable
They lead us to believe
That they monopolise the country
But please, monopolies fall
Losing the power they once commanded
If the parties can’t be changed
Then they’ll have to be abandoned

The writing’s on the wall
Once the third party is culpable
For the same old, autocratic,
Plutocratic, nonsensical crap
You’d expect from the others
But maybe not from them
They used to fight back
Used to support torture victims
Really, what do their mothers think?
And what about their voters?
Out go their morals with the kitchen sink
Their babies with the bathwater
Now they’re complicit in the slaughter
And they bask in the hysteria
Starving Iran’s sons and daughters
Flooding weapons into Libya
This isn’t pub trivia
Who was that minister thirty years ago?
They’ll ask in thirty years
And the pub might not know
The names of all the men and women
Who left their country stranded
The parties won’t change
If we don’t demand it

When I vote, I question
If I’d choose them as an independent
That is, if they could kick their party dependence
Would they do one or would they try to defend us?
Their record’s not tremendous
When they’re taken as a group, you see
But check them individually
You’ll see some take it seriously
They all have an opinion
Even if just a few express them
They’re people, just like you or I
And the difference isn’t elections
It’s the parties
Private clubs looking after their own interests
Being in thrall to a whip
Hinders the democratic process
As does being on the leash
Of the banks and big business
But there’s no point blaming the individuals
Living in this madness
They’ll still be part of the transition
No matter how belated
And once we’re all involved
Then new parties can be created

This poem has also been published by Social Justice First:


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