Whoa, Look at the Size of that Society

I’d hate to be an MP today
So many pave the way
For mutual distaste
When you hear them say
Why don’t the proles know their way?
Why do they borrow?
Poverty must be their fate
Failing to realise the crap that they say
Impacts on the way
That we see and we deal with our neighbours
Their plates are a mountain of flavours
But the millions putting their beans on the table
Are not just a fable
People are willing and able to work
Willing and able to make the car that you sit in
If only just for a pittance
These are the big societal lies
You help the few monopolise
With nothing for charity or social enterprise
Their contracts are next to zero
The only winners are G4S and Serco
I mean, don’t they get it?
Small businesses still don’t have access to credit
These are the true job creators
Just look at the figures
And don’t tell me about economies of scale
When health procurement is being localised to no avail


One Response to Whoa, Look at the Size of that Society

  1. MoaningLady says:

    You’re right, they really don’t get it!
    Excellent assessment of this archaic and unjust society in which we live: the ruling class completely out of touch with reality, the rest of the population pushed back slowly but surely toward abject poverty. The French had their revolution a while ago, maybe it’s time for the English government to wake up and smell the brioche!

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