Leave to Remain

Ahh, we’re safe in here…

I am a foreign infiltration
I attend without an invitation
And stay for the duration
I test the patience of another nation

Ignoring me is hard
Because I’m everywhere I’m not wanted
Taking over, can’t stop it
Feared by the populace

For my kind, it’s true
Because we’re migrant workers too
A wave of violence, you’ll rue the day
You didn’t shut your borders away

We don’t just take space
We destroy lives
Make it harder to survive
Walking past, I see the hate in your eyes

And now,
Your worst fears are realised
My failure to learn your language
Is the least of your anguish

The locals speak their opposition
They’re not the ones that let us in
So now they feel like victims
Feel estranged from their own system

It was meant to be temporary
But that wasn’t the whole story
As I invade your country
You’re nostalgic for your former glory

And like any other migrant worker
I live in fear attack
And I long for my home
As I look across the desert
From a tank
In Iraq

A slightly different version of this poem appears here:



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