Renaissance Man

To be a renaissance man
Specifically, this requires you to look at life holistically
A polymath grafts to view no graph in isolation
A zoologist philosopher like Kropotkin in northern Asia
Yearning to master botany like Thomas Jefferson
To be Copernicus or Francis Bacon
Roaming home like Noam, who
In one perfectly formed sentence could subdue
Both Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu

People can surprise you
Clark Carlisle’s had a gem or two
Or take Hugh Grant, he always plays such a flake
Rabada, rabada, I’m terribly sorry but rabada rabada
So when did he become so goddamn eloquent?
Where the hell did that come from?

A carpenter politician gone fishin’
Like the son of the deity, who couldn’t eat meat on one day a week
Piety unlikely, nor did Pontius Pilate inspire me
But even Jesus was a politician
They needed someone to stand up to the Romans
And he decided to do it

I want to be a farmer in the morning
A labourer in the afternoon
And a philosopher in the evening
But this is no German utopia
Right now, we vastly overproduce
And millions of people work in what can only be described
As jobs which needn’t exist
When if we instead shared the fruits of our labour
The berries of our progress and productivity
We would undoubtedly have much more time for recreation


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