The Beauty of Life (ExP Remix)

Sup with the whack Playstation sup?

Things been getting kind of hectic since I’m 23
I want to think big, but I’m not done with criminology
Maybe I fail to see the forest through the trees
Because I can’t imagine working hard for anything but charity and knowledge
Is that a problem?
I can’t stop it
There’s no way to call it
Cause in a way, I’m sick of college
But in another way, I crave the care and certainty
I love the common decency
I find it satisfactory
To spend time learning about society
I used to hate the weekdays
Now I’m just a perma-student writing essays
Got no time for a job
Too many problems to solve
But once mankind is organised to bring out the good
In the people from the banks to the hoods
And standards stop declining
I can finally retire for my love
But it doesn’t look like it’s happening
So it’s another day reading and squeezing data in
And it’s another day not seeing ********
And it’s another day she thinks maybe I’m not the man for her
And I know that she deserves the best, I wish I could provide for her
I wish she didn’t have to work, I wish she had no cares
Cause I’m in love with her
I’ll make sure there’s no more nonsense
So conscious that I’m a twat
I’ve got my own monsters
My own demons
But who hasn’t?
Who hasn’t?
Who hasn’t yearned to feel free?
Who hasn’t got a habit or addiction that they want to beat?
Who goes to Tesco and isn’t shocked at the cost of meat?
Who hasn’t been disgusted by the news on the bloody BBC?
I hate when people are harmed
I hate when people suffer and others don’t get alarmed
Or feel it deep in their hearts
I want to make it go away and save a country a day
Be happy I’m alive and smile at everyone on the way
Because the problems caused by scarcity can certainly be solved
And any conflict always can be peacefully resolved
But you’re more likely to be born in poverty
In India or in Mali
Than in decent living standards
Crappy odds!
So I’ve kept reading books to jog my memory that I’m lucky
Since the day I got my first Chomsky
But what’s the meaning of it all?
That’s for you to decide
Humans were only created to observe the beauty of life

Photo by Regina Phalange

With thanks to ExP – please check his stuff out on Soundcloud


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